My name is Mark Platt. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my wife and our four cats. I like to be surrounded by people who are smarter and more capable than me. I like surprises, unless I find out about them.

I'm basically a good dude, you can ask around.


I'm a Manager and Software Architect with a strong background in IT, consulting, ecommerce, and agency work. I bring insights about processes, cost, timelines, staffing, team resourcing, and culture building to the table.

I work for Benefits Data Trust steering our application ecosystem towards the larger organizational goals through collaboration, vision, and hands on development.

I'm probably available to do all sorts of consulting so drop me a line if you need a hand.


I play games. Mostly video games and table top RPG's, but I'm also into board games, and dabble in TCG's every few years. I recently took up Warhammer: Age of Sigmar, and have a lot of points of unpainted Skaven sitting on my shelf. I play in a weekly-ish D&D game game with a bunch of folks I have known for a really long time. I'm a pretty big nerd, and I'm pretty happy with that.

I'm a synth dude even though I'm not much of a musician anymore. I waste a lot of time on modular synths. I'm in the quickly diminishing frac camp and I'm thinking of going euro. I have a module that detects radiation. You can see the synths current layout if you're interested.

Our cats are Sam, Charlie, Panther and Half-Panther. Sam and Charlie are older tuxedo brothers. Panther and Half-Panther are foster fails. Sam is my best friend. Charlie is the neediest cat in history. We call the kittens "the kittens" but they are fully grown cats.


You can email me at