Who are you?

My name is Mark Platt. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my wife and two cats. I subscribe to the idea of strong opinions, weakly held. I like to be surrounded by people who are smarter and more capable than me. I like surprises, unless I find out about them. I'm basically a good dude, you can ask around.


So what do you do?

I'm a Ruby on Rails developer with a strong background in IT and consulting. I'm comfortable with web applications from the hardware to the browser, and I bring to the table insights about processes, cost, and timelines that speak to the needs of clients and stakeholders. I work for Weblinc as part of a team of Rails developers implementing ecommerce sites on our platform. Before my job was writing Ruby, I wrote PHP for fun. I went to Drexel a million years ago for information technology.

In my previous life as an IT consultant I worked with companies to integrate Windows and Macs within enterprise environments in a way that made sense and was simple to manage. There is no technology I shy away from, and nothing that I can't learn. I'm passionate about what I do.


Do you do anything interesting?

I play games. Not as many video games, though I play those too, mostly table top games. Board games, card games. I shamelessly play pen and paper RPG's. I run a weekly-ish Pathfinder game with a bunch of dudes I have known for a really long time. I strive constantly to be a better storyteller.

I'm a synth dude extraordinaire, I'm not much of a musician anymore, but I am still in love with modular synths. If you're interested: I'm in the frac camp, I am thinking of going euro though. My synth only has three rows. I have a module that detects radiation.

I am on a barbecue team called Two Big Butts, we don't have a website, and I don't recommend trying to google it at work. My title is grill consultant. My specialty is desserts prepared on a grill and briskets. I've been told I make mean ribs, but I've never eaten one. I keep a list of what woods add what flavors, and which meats they complement. It's serious business.

I also make mead. I started making mead after I figured out I was bad at making beer. I'm actually pretty good at it. Which is a relief because mead is delicious.

I'm a member of the Sons of Ben and have season tickets in The River End, I might be the worst soccer fan in history though.

My cats' name's are Sam and Charlie. They are tuxedo cats and are very clearly brothers. I know they aren't really an interest but if you let me I will talk about them endessly.


Let's be friends.

You can email me at mark.platt.2016@mrkplt.com.