Who are you?

My name is Mark Platt. I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia with my wife and our four cats. I like to be surrounded by people who are smarter and more capable than me. I like surprises, unless I find out about them. I'm basically a good dude, you can ask around.


So what do you do?

I'm a technical manager and Ruby on Rails developer with a strong background in IT and consulting. I bring to the table insights about processes, cost, timelines, staffing, team resourcing, and culture building. I work for Weblinc supporting several teams of Rails developers implementing ecommerce sites on our platform. I went to Drexel a million years ago for information technology.


Do you do anything interesting?

I play games. Mostly video games and table top RPG's, but I'm also into board games, and dabble in TCG's every few years. I play in a weekly-ish D&D game game with a bunch of folks I have known for a really long time.

I'm a synth dude extraordinaire, I'm not much of a musician anymore, but I am still in love with modular synths. If you're interested: I'm in the frac camp, I am thinking of going euro though. My synth only has three rows. I have a module that detects radiation.

Our cats are Sam, Charlie, Panther and Half-Panther. Sam and Charlie are older tuxedo brothers. Panther and Half-Panther are foster fails. We call them the kittens but they are fully grown cats.


Let's be friends.

You can email me at mark+2018@mrkplt.com.